The Cell – Basic Unit of Life and Praxis Peeper

Of all the things that you will see on a praxis test, it’s going to be the definition of a cell, what cells do and pretty much all the things that happen within the cell and their organelles.

BeingĀ in the field of Biology, we must understand how cells function and how they can impact your health on a daily basis.

Let’s begin with the definition of a cell.

A cell defined is the basic unit and structure that supports all of life. read more »

The EC Med Center Online Blog

Welcome to Ecmedical Center Online. Eastern Carolina Medical Center Online!

Our goal here is to help educate you online with all your health needs from heart surgery decisions, face lifts and weight loss advice.

As an educational website our focus will largely be on a slew of content that will help you gain knowledge about medical procedures, medical terminology and how medicine relates to your life.

One of the major topics we will focus on firstĀ is going to be weight loss because we feel that weight loss is something that is needed in our area and we want to make sure that our community members are getting the right information about weight loss in order to be successful in losing weight in this day and age.

We understand it is hard to figure out what works and what doesn’t and what to trust and not trust.

The goal of this site will be to provide unbiased and more scientific approaches to weight loss program reviews to give you a better opportunity in making decisions as to what weight loss programs you should join. (if any)

Our staff consists of people who have struggle with weight loss themselves and who have scientific backgrouds.

Information and posts will come from teachers, weight loss specialists, athletes, biologists and more.

We welcome you to our site and we look forward to offering you a more complete look at health here at EC Med Center.

Bare with us as we learn to blog and build out our site.


-The EC Med Staff.